Setup a voicemail extended absence greeting

All full-time faculty and staff are provided with an Avaya desk phone with a voicemail box. An extended absence greeting can be set to be played instead of your standard personal greeting. Callers will hear your extended absence greeting after the first ring, and based on your preference settings, they can leave a message or be redirected to another extension.

Setup the extended absence greeting

  1. Dial into the voicemail system:
  • If calling from campus on your desk phone, press the voicemail button or dial extention 5949.
  • If calling from an off-campus number, dial (317) 791-5949, and then enter your voicemail box by pressing the pound sign (#) and your extension (e.g. #3368) at any time.
  1. Press 4 to enter the greeting menu and follow the prompts.

To change your greeting between the standard personal greeting and the extended absence greeting, dial into the voicemail system and press 4 and then 1 for the standard personal greeting or 2 for the extended absence greeting depending on your needs.

Once you return your greeting from your extended absence greeting to the standard personal greeting, all preferences associated with the extended absence greeting will be reset, and you will need to set up these preferences again.