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UIndy employee computer replacement cycle

All full-time positions at the university are eligible for a new computer provided and maintained by UIndyIT. These computers carry a manufacturer warranty as well as accidental damage coverage for the first 3 years. Computers are replaced every 4 years.

  • A new full-time employee who replaces an employee, will inherit the computer currently issued to the position at the time of hire.
  • Part-time and associate adjunct employees at the university may be eligible for a used computer provided and maintained by UIndyIT. Requests must be submitted by department heads.
  • In the winter semester prior to a new budget year, department heads are provided with information about who is due for a new computer. The new devices are issued during the following budget year.

Understand colored dots

The colored dot on your computer indicates where that computer fits in the Computer Replacement Cycle.

Color Last Upgrade Next Upgrade Next Upgrade
Red 2013/2014 2017/2018 2021/2022
Yellow 2014/2015 2018/2019 2022/2023
Green 2015/2016 2019/2020 2023/2024
Blue 2016/2017 2020/2021 2024/2025
Gray Purchased with grant based funding. Computers with gray, white, brown, or pink dots are not included in any replacement cycle. However, computers with brown dots may be reevaluated at the department heads request to replace with a newer, used computer. 
Purchased with departmental funds.
Brown Hand me down (previously used computers).
Pink Startup funds.

Receive your new computer

UIndyIT will contact each individual slated for a new computer to set up an appointment time for the upgrade and reserves the right to hold your computer until all other upgrades have been completed, if no response is made. Upgrades may not be refused for any reason due to budget and security reasons.

Default installations on issued computer

  • Microsoft Office
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari (Macs only)
  • Google Drive for desktop
  • Adobe Acrobat DC
  • MirrorOp
  • Sophos Anti-Virus
  • Alertus Desktop  

Any other desired software will need to be requested separately.

Request alterations to the cycle

Any corrections, adjustments or exceptions to the replacement cycle must be submitted to department heads (Dean or VP) for approval. UIndyIT will then review the request to determine if alterations to the replacement cycle are warranted.

Understand the computer replacement calendar

The calendar is set up to mimic the budget year as opposed to the calendar year. This section of the article is broken down by month, so you can quickly identify the current phase of the cycle.

Computer replacement timeline


  • July 1: new budget begins
  • Departmental lab hardware upgrades


  • New hire faculty deployments: to be complete by the week prior to the start of Semester 1
  • General teaching lab upgrades


  • Faculty/staff deployments: start the 2nd full week of September and are ongoing until complete.
  • Hand me downs are ongoing as need arises and equipment is available.


  • Spring lab software configuration requests: Due to UIndyIT by October 15


  • Fall & Summer lab software configuration requests: due to UIndyIT by March 15
  • Faculty/staff deployments: end the last week of March.


  • Desktop upgrade requests for next budget year: Due to UIndyIT by May 15