Print at UIndy via Print Release Stations

The following sections provide information relating to various topics about Print Release Stations.

If a pdf won't print or is delayed at a print release station

These print jobs are most likely PDFs that have too many varying formats within the same document (different fonts, margins, several images).

  1. From the pdf you would like to print, click Print.
  2. When the print window appears, change the Printer to Microsoft Print to PDF.
  3. Click Print.
Depicts steps 2 and 3
  1. A Save Print Output As box will appear. Save the new pdf file in your preferred location.
  2. Now try printing the recently saved pdf file to a print release station.
  1. Open the PDF file you are attempting to print.
  2. Click File.
  3. Click Export as PDF...
Depicts steps 2 and 3
  1. Click Save to create a new PDF.
Depicts step number 4
  1. Open your newly saved PDF and print as you normally would.
Determine your printing balance

All UIndy account holders receive a $25 printing balance (500 double-sided pages; $0.05/sheet) at the beginning of each semester according to the schedule below:

  • Fall semester: Monday prior to the first day of classes
  • Winter semester: Monday prior to the first day of classes

If you exceed your balance for the semester, Crimson Cash will be charged $0.05/sheet when printing to a print release station. Unused balances will not carry over to the next semester.

Your printing balance is the difference between the total balance shown at any print release station and your Crimson Cash balance.

To determine just your printing balance, you must subtract your Crimson Cash total from the balance shown at any print release station. Crimson Cash balances are available from any automated refill stations or the Office of Student Affairs (Schwitzer Student Center 210).

Printing Balance = Total from print release station - Crimson Cash total

Release your printed document from a print release station

When you choose to print from any teaching and open lab computer on campus, the document will first be sent to a print release station. Alternately, you may print to a print release station from any device, including your mobile phone or tablet, by emailing an attachment to [email protected] from your UIndy email account. You must release that print job from a print release station before it will be sent to a printer.

  1. Swipe your UIndy ID card at any print release station (locations listed below).
  2. Log in to the print release station with your UIndy username and password.
  3. Click the item or items you wish to print in the list.
  4. Click the Print button. Your document will print from the printer next to the print release station.
  5. Click the Logoff button in the print release software.

You must release your print job at a print release station with 6 hours of the time you printed it or it will be cleared out of the queue. In order to print the document past that point, you will need to send it again from a lab computer or mobile printing.

Where to add Crimson Cash to your account
  • Office of Student Affairs, Schwitzer Student Center 210—cash, check or credit card
  • Accounting Office, Esch 151—cash, check or credit card
  • Self-service ValuPort stations in Schwitzer Student Center (near the UIndy Bookstore) and Krannert Memorial Library (in the 24-hour computer lab)—cash only

You may also check your Crimson Cash balance at the locations listed above.

Please note: unfortunately wireless printers do not work due to the campus WiFi networks, instead it is encouraged to use the provided print release stations.