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Forward calls made to your campus phone to another number

You must be on campus in order to forward your campus phone number.

Forward calls to another campus extension

When approved by a departmental supervisor, a phone can be forwarded to another extension on campus using the following instructions. It is important to let the recipient of a forwarded line know that they will be receiving those calls.  It is equally important to remove the forward as soon as it is no longer needed.

Any message left in voicemail will be placed in the mailbox of the number originally dialed NOT the mailbox of the extension to which the number was forwarded.

Set up forwarding from the phone to be forwarded
  1. Press * 2.
  2. Input the 4-digit extension to which the calls are to be forwarded.

You will hear three brief tones when the forward has been set up.

Manually forwarding to off-campus numbers

While it is very carrier dependent, some users have had success in forwarding their office phone to a cellular number.

To forward to a cell phone
  1. Press * 2 on the phone that is to be forwarded
  2. Press 9 then the area code and 10-digit number of the cellular phone to receive the calls.
To clear forwarding

1. Press # 2 from the phone that was forwarded

Due to the variations and processes that cellular carriers use to handle a call this process has proven to be inconsistent and unreliable. Therefore the practice is not endorsed by our voice service partner and therefore also not by Information Technology.  Users who elect to try this procedure should recognize the risks of losing a call.